Workforce digitalisation 

Creating digitized jobs and automated operations in harmony with employees. 

What problem does it solve: The goal of our value proposition is to make work processes more efficient and transform jobs along digital technologies, while also promoting the career development of employees. We want to enable the organization to exploit the potential of technology, while facilitating the transition of employees to new roles through automation and further training, allowing them to adapt to new technological and organizational changes and to do really useful work.

Who is it for: Our value proposition is primarily aimed at companies that do not want to miss out on the competitive advantages provided by AI and automation, that want to optimize their work processes while supporting their employees in adapting to changes.


The value proposition

1. Job evaluation and digitization benchmarking: We perform an analysis of the designated specialist jobs and compare them with the digital job benchmarks, based on which we make a proposal for the transformation of the jobs, the technological solutions supporting the underlying processes, and the training program necessary for successful job development.

2. Workflow optimization: Our expert team analyses your company's work processes, identifies areas that can be consolidated or automated, and develops appropriate solutions. In this way, we increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve performance.

3. Communication and training: We discuss the main milestones of the process with the employees, middle and senior managers, possible fears and, if necessary, provide support in the development of the communication strategy. Open and two-way communication helps reduce concerns and ease the transition to using new systems.

4. Execution of automation tasks: As part of process optimization, we perform automation tasks, which can be done with AI, RPA and other tools. This helps minimize the need for human intervention in repetitive and routine tasks.

5. Continuing education trainings: We help utilize the freed-up capacities of employees with further training that meets the needs of the company.

6. Maintenance support: After the automation of work processes and the introduction of further training, we continue to provide support to ensure that the new systems and work processes work smoothly. One part of these is the periodic monitoring, review and, if necessary, further modification of the introduced technologies (RPA, AI, etc.), as well as the measurement of employee satisfaction in the digitalized work environment.


Our value proposition offers companies a complete solution to prepare and effectively manage the changes driven by technology, while supporting the development and transition of their employees to the new environment.