RPO appears to be a good solution if your business is expanding rapidly and intends to meet the sudden increase in labor demand (project-based RPO), or your company is to cope with high turnover in certain positions and is looking for a long-term solution (programmatic RPO or should you opt for entrusting the entire recruitment process to specialists, even also on a permanent basis (complex RPO). At Jobsgarden, we keep up with the ever-changing trends in the technical, logistics, IT, financial, commercial and business administration areas. Our divisions focus on a specific area of expertise enabling your company to recruit new employees quickly and more importantly, cost-effectively, while also ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are the ones recommended to you.

Case Study: Recruitment Project Outsourcing for a Multinational R&D Center

Client Overview: The client is a prominent multinational Research and Development (R&D) center, specializing in cutting-edge technologies and innovation across various industries. With a strong commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, the client employs a diverse team of highly skilled professionals in multiple disciplines.

Challenge: The client's R&D center experienced rapid growth, resulting in the need for a substantial number of new hires within a short timeframe. With over 80 positions to fill in just 10 months, the internal HR team was strained and struggled to manage the high volume of recruitment tasks effectively. The challenge was to identify a solution that could streamline the recruitment process, ensure the quality of hires, and enable the internal HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Solution: Recruitment Project Outsourcing (RPO)

1. Tailored Strategy: Jobsgarden collaborated closely with the client's HR team to develop a customized recruitment strategy. This involved understanding the specific skill sets required for each position, creating targeted job descriptions, and identifying suitable channels for reaching potential candidates.

2. Scalable Resources: Jobsgarden offered dedicated recruitment resources that seamlessly integrated into the client's operations.  This allowed the R&D center to quickly scale up or down based on hiring needs, ensuring that the right talent was identified and secured within the specified timeframe. Jobsgarden used its R&D focused candidate database built up over the years and those unique channels where these engineers can be easily identified for the project." 

3. Advanced Technology: Jobsgarden leveraged advanced recruitment technologies, including candidate screening and analytics tools, to enhance the efficiency of the selection process. This reduced time-to-hire and increased the likelihood of identifying the best-fit candidates.

4. Candidate Experience: A positive candidate experience was maintained throughout the recruitment journey. Jobsgarden provided timely communication, feedback, and support to candidates, creating a favorable impression of the client's R&D center even among those who were not ultimately selected.

5. Focus on Quality: By outsourcing the recruitment process, the client's internal HR team could dedicate more time to strategic initiatives, including talent development, employee engagement, and organizational growth.


1. Time and Cost Savings: The RPO approach significantly reduced the time-to-fill for each position, resulting in a faster overall recruitment process. Additionally, the streamlined process minimized administrative overhead and reduced recruitment-related costs.

2. High-Quality Hires: Jobsgarden's expertise and advanced screening techniques ensured that candidates were not only hired quickly but were also a strong fit for the roles and the organization's culture.

3. Improved HR Productivity: The internal HR team could shift their focus to critical strategic areas, contributing to the R&D center's overall growth and success.

4. Enhanced Candidate Pool: The use of advanced recruitment technologies and methods expanded the candidate pool, leading to a more diverse and qualified talent pool.

5. Seamless Collaboration: Jobsgarden's close collaboration with the client's HR team facilitated effective communication and alignment throughout the recruitment process.

Conclusion: By partnering with Jobsgarden, the multinational R&D center successfully addressed its recruitment challenges and achieved exceptional results. The tailored strategy, scalable resources, advanced technology, and focus on quality led to substantial time and cost savings, high-quality hires, improved HR productivity, an enhanced candidate pool, and seamless collaboration. This case study highlights the significant advantages of recruitment project outsourcing for organizations facing rapid growth and demanding talent acquisition needs.