HR Services


During the 3-12-month period of the process, we support the participants with a personalized program, 15-50 hours of coaching, a manual, and online consultation if needed. As an experienced HR service provider, we are absolutely aware of the expectations imposed towards professionals. We know what kind of qualities are needed in the labor market and also how to prepare them for an upcoming change effectively. Our success rate is over 95 percent and besides companies we are often approached by individual clients intending to quit. We often meet job seekers who have been out of the labor market for 10-15 years or individuals aspiring to change after 30 years of employment.  


The process always begins with an orientation meeting aiming to help in mapping the client’s professional abilities and opportunities as well as self-knowledge and personal competencies. Based on this, we define professional objectives and target markets, prepare a career campaign plan, develop a communication strategy, help individuals learn and further develop good job search techniques, while also focusing on increasing and maintaining efficiency during the job search. As for the last step, we provide our clients with our support in relation to integrating into a new position or a workplace. Our company also deals with labor recruitment and selection, which provides the participants engaging in the program with an excellent chance to build relationships, view and apply for immediate job opportunities.