HR Services


Typical topics of career coaching:

  • mapping career paths and opportunities,
  • conflict management, stress management,
  • the dilemmas of employee and entrepreneurial lifestyles,
  • development of business communication,
  • preparation for the leadership role,
  • creating a professional resume/Linkedin profile
  • networking, personal branding,
  • preparation for a job interview (rehearsing for job interviews in English and Hungarian, tricky questions and answer options)

The process begins with a 45-minute orientation interview. During this session, we assess the needs, introduce ourselves and it is also an opportunity to meet the coach in person. At the meeting, we discuss the framework, (duration, frequency of meetings, homework) and „sign the contract”

It is essential to note that the key to having a successful outcome lies in the participants’ commitment and dedication shown throughout the entire process, attending consultation alone is not sufficient. Coaching works quickly and individually, but hard work and the determination to go beyond our own limits cannot be spared.  

The meetings are 90 minutes long and are usually repeated every 2-3 weeks. The number of meetings heavily depends on the topic itself. There are cases when having one session is enough, however, on average, these gatherings mean 5-8 occasions number-wise.

We strive to ensure that the discussions are as personal as possible, fitting the individual’s current life situation and objectives while also providing them with efficient help in dealing with blockages.

In the field of business coaching, these are the areas we place special emphasis on in individual or team coaching:

  • change management,
  • project management,
  • presentation techniques,
  • compliance with new tasks and roles,
  • development of collaboration,
  • conflict management,
  • stress management,
  • development of managerial competencies

We execute our coaching activities based on a system approach in the course of which we consider supporting the managers and specialists participating in our program to be indispensible. During these sessions, we focus on mapping their abilities, defining their goals precisely and planning the steps having to be taken to achieve them.

Besides owning national as well as international coaching certificates, both of our General Managers have several years of professional management and coaching experience gained in a multinational environment. In our work, we aspire to collaborate with coaches using multiple methodologies and approaches.

The first 90 days – Executive coaching

With the involvement of executive coaches, we support the change of company and adaptation to the new management situation by providing our mentorees with a special management coaching program. According to statistics, a Managing Director is said to have 90 days on average to meet the initial challenges. In the course of effective competence development, we facilitate successful integration and participate in solving challenges.