HR Services


In addition to recruitment and selection, we can support businesses in many human resources areas. In order to establish the appropriate compensation, besides preparing salary surveys, and providing business/career-, individual- as well as team coaching, within the framework of training and development, we also support our clients with individual and group outplacement programs in case of downsizing. We also operate an employee support program.


An Employee Assistance Program is a work-based, intervention program, a service, designed to assist employees in resolving their legal and financial difficulties as well as improving their mental health anonimously and highly confidentially. In this program employees are supported by highly experienced specialists in overcoming their difficulties: psychologists, coaches, dieticians lawyers and financial mentors are also available for them.


The service involves a website containing self-help articles and related information, a monthly or bimonthly newsletter, and optionally we also organize webinars on pre-agreed topics.


Based on the feedback received so far, this program significantly helps retain employees as they appreciate the care that is shown to them and the fact that the company does not leave them even in testing times.

Our research conducted in 2022 reveals that the time that has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic has changed the attitude towards mental health, which is no longer a taboo topic in the workplace either. Two-thirds of employees and corporate survey fillers believe that companies have accountability in relation to supporting the mental health of their employees. EAP provides a very good opportunity for this. We developed our program with the help of our Career Star Group partner, the Australian Prima Group and tailored it to the needs of the Hungarian market.