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Recruitment Services

Do you intend on growing your company with well-trained, talented coworkers having the right skills and ablities? In each case, we provide recruitment services tailored to the given company through our four specialized divisons: technical. logistical, IT, financial, commercial, and business administration.

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing. It is basically a flexible solution that increases the efficiency of the recruitment process. Thanks to our experienced experts, we are certain to find the best workforce for your company.

We find the most suitable employees for your business, delegating them for the task given and for as long as they are needed. The most important difference between temporary staffing and outsourcing is that in the case of the latter the company undertakes the execution of the activity as well. Both of them are of significant help for companies in relation to efficient workforce management and reducing administrative burdens.

IT Jobs

We earned our status in the IT sector because we understand the jargon. With our live and long-term relationship with the ICT sector we can bring demand and supply closer together. We keep pace with technologies to be able to keep up with IT professionals.

SSC Jobs

Speed, efficiency and perseverance. The term impossible does not exist for us be it finding a new SSC leader or building a Scandinavian AP team, as we always find the fastest solution and the most effective channel to provide quality candidates for our partners. Because we know that competition is fierce, we can help you with the proper presentation of the company to ensure the candidates’ dedication and commitment to your company.

Industry Jobs

We are on the side of engineers. Our team members confidently address the candidates in the technical, engineering, supply-chain, logistics and other specialty fields in the production to fill even the impossible positions as well.

Corporate Jobs

Because everybody matters. We take over the burden of finding new employees from our smaller and bigger clients, whether they are looking for staff for their bookkeeping, sales, HR or marketing divisions. We have proven our expertise in several sectors: banking, insurance, manufacturing, telco, FMCG.

HR Consulting

In addition to recruitment and selection, we can provide companies with support in many human resources areas. In order to establish the appropriate compensation, we prepare salary surveys, we provide business/career-, individual as well as team coaching within the framework of training and development. Besides this, we support our clients with individual and group outplacement programs when downsizing and also operate an employee support program.

Workforce Digitalisation

Our offered service of workforce digitalization assists companies in identifying those workflows that can be made more efficient with the latest technologies, and then guides the company through the complete, comprehensive implementation of these processes.